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TPS is composed of a team of industry experts: business advisors and engineers with decades of experience in real-world situations. With depth of experience also comes breadth: TPS Advisors are versatile, possessing analytical skills, creativity, diligence, and the ability to work collaboratively. Working collaboratively is paramount, given that teams come to better solutions than individuals. Thus, TPS does not rely on a single Advisor to provide leadership to complete a project; we rely on a team, so a high standard of client service is maintained in every situation.

Every engagement is unique, with differences in scope and complexity. When a project is launched, an initial team is deployed to take an overall, independent view of the current situation, identifying constraints and short-term resolutions. Our work is then organized into distinct phases, with wide-ranging issues broken down into discrete analyses and measurable tasks. We then apply our proven methodology to provide solutions for long-term sustainability, achieving results that matter. Throughout the project we engage all parties, in order to ensure that after TPS is no longer involved, our clients can continue to participate and lead the improvement process.

Our overall mission is to be recognized as the highest-value provider in the industry, and for our clients to achieve and sustain competitive advantage.

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