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Technical Problem Solutions (TPS) is a global business advisory firm with successful engagements spanning across North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Our team is committed to assisting business leaders in improving and restoring performance, enhancing growth, and preventing operational distress for their companies, supply chain, and varied stakeholders. Our leaders are executives and engineers from a broad range of industries with extensive expertise across the entire engineering and manufacturing value chains. They bring substantial leadership, engineering, and operational experience from decades of guiding high performance teams around the globe.

We specialize in supply chain management, technical and statistical engineering advisory, providing training and support to leading organizations, tackling their most complex issues and serious challenges in the shortest timeframes possible. We are passionate about managing challenges from the executive level to the shop floor, which is essential for delivering quick and sustainable results.

Paul A. Rosko Paul Rosko is President and Founder of TPS Paul is respected and recognized in the industry for developing strategies and tactics that drive results, whether on the factory floor or in the COO's office. Utilizing his experience and expertise, he helps clients identify the root causes of operational and technical problems at the core of multifaceted manufacturing systems.

"I take pride in the quality of service and high return on investment we provide our clients. We work every day to meet the highest standards of professionalism as we solve the toughest problems for our clients around the world. We are advisors, problem solvers and global partners to our clients. Our firm is not about rising above others, but in helping others - consultants and clients - exceed their own expectations. Our firm has the experience and expertise to integrate into any client organization."

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William J. Kraatz William Kraatz is a Senior Director at TPS Bill joined TPS in January 2009. He has over 37 years of experience working at one of the world's largest global automotive manufacturers. He has held numerous supervisory, manager, and executive positions in Manufacturing, Reliability Engineering, Supplier Development, Supplier Quality, Program Management, and Purchasing. He often managed hundreds of employees and was responsible for multi-billion dollar budgets.

"With the breadth and depth of experience we possess at TPS there are not many situations we cannot handle. Our consultants have worked across the globe, sometimes in difficult environments, under stressful conditions, and we still manage to succeed. We are a dedicated, professional group of people who know how to do things one way….the right way."

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