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Paul A. Rosko Paul A. Rosko
President & Managing Director

Paul is respected and recognized in the industry for developing strategies and tactics that drive results, whether on the factory floor or in the COO's office. Utilizing his experience and expertise, he helps clients identify the root causes of operational and technical problems at the core of multifaceted manufacturing systems. His real-world knowledge in quality assurance and operations management enables him to develop and optimize systems yielding immediate and sustained improvements. In addition, he has successfully led sophisticated decommissioning projects for companies that protect their supply chain and bolster their economic health.

Paul's reputation is based upon his ability to efficiently assist clients in solving complex technical problems. His specific areas of expertise include tool and die design and build, machine build, vehicle program / product development, manufacturing engineering and manufacturing management.

With more than 23 years experience at a leading OEM, Paul served in numerous leadership positions, managing and leading technical engineering teams while significantly improving industry metrics within assembly centers and across the supply chain. Paul was also instrumental in improving the problem solving skills across the organization, as he developed and led a Statistical Engineering program that eliminated over 400 significant engineering and quality issues. Additionally, over 250 engineers were certified as Statistical Engineers within a two-year period.

Paul was also widely considered the foremost leader for any issue among all technical problem solvers within the company; leading over 40 high severity / emergency projects which rescued several high profile vehicle launches domestically and internationally. He also is an expert in identifying product / process interactions, having completed multiple product performance variation projects. One of the warranty / reliability projects he directed generated savings and avoidance dollars estimated by leadership to be higher than $900 million.

In recent years during his tenure at the OEM, Paul was responsible for establishing the strategic operating plan for the total divestiture of a subsidiary and then the re-launch of all product in new supply locations. The entire project was completed in less than one year, and all product was re-launched within a three-month period, resulting in $43 million in total savings for the OEM. His team’s flawless decommissioning effort won them the General Motors Corporation Chairman's Award, the highest honor granted by company leadership.

Paul founded TPS in 2006. Throughout the years he has served clients as a renowned expert, instructor, and project coach in Statistical Engineering Problem Solving, while saving several Fortune 500 companies millions of dollars in different locations around the world. He has also provided technical project planning and senior management support in several areas including Supply Chain Management, Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures, Manufacturing Launch Operations, and OEM Supplier Improvement initiatives.

Contact Michelle Glass for an appointment with Mr. Rosko at +1 248.641.1877

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