Global sourcing and demand, highly customized products, newly developed materials, and leaner product inventories make today's manufacturing challenges more variable and volatile than ever before. In this fast-paced, multifaceted environment, major operational disruptions can occur without a moment's notice. Fortunately, TPS has the expertise to resolve operational issues that have the potential to disrupt your customer base and production schedules. More »


Today's business leaders face mounting pressure to reduce costs, improve profitability, and
streamline operations, all while maintaining high levels of quality and customer satisfaction. How does one balance these seemingly conflicting demands and drive change? TPS is expert in addressing the many challenges organizations face and in delivering what counts most: bottom line results. More »


Bringing new products to the market faster and keeping them there longer requires a mastery of a variety of systems related to product manufacturing requirements, costs, critical issues, and customizability. Product Development and Supply Chain Management are inextricably linked. Nonetheless, many new products or new product designs are simply handed over to supply chain decision-makers with a vague expectation that the suppliers will "make do" with the plans to the best of their ability. More »


Statistical Engineering (SE) is the name we use to characterize our problem solving process. This method starts with the effect, and then uses statistically based progressive convergence techniques to identify and prove out the root cause. The TPS Problem Solving Team consists of Master Level Statistical Engineers who are experts at effectively solving complex problems. The TPS portfolio of work includes successfully completed projects involving a large number of divergent companies. We provide program management, communication and technical expertise as needed to get to the root of the problem.

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We at TPS believe we drive progress, quality, and profitability. Our firm has a reputation for delivering innovative and sustaining solutions that give our clients a competitive advantage. TPS advisors have worked around the world in a wide range of industrial and manufacturing environments, many in emerging industries and emerging economies. We have consistently provided our clients with quality work, measurable results and a high return on investment.

Since our inception, our clients have benefited from the experience, expertise and analytical skills of our specialists. TPS invests in outstanding people with diverse talents and backgrounds which empowers them to achieve substantial gains in performance. Our Advisors have a high level of integrity and a passion for excellence in managing challenges ranging from the executive office to the shop floor. TPS Advisors are professional, versatile, and collaboratively integrate into any client organization.

We believe TPS services are a value based alternative for companies today when they are faced with diagnosing and correcting their most complex problems. Our firm takes pride in delivering excellent service and outstanding return on investment. Our overall mission is to be recognized as a leader in this industry and to achieve and sustain a lasting competitive advantage.

TPS has successfully completed over 275 engagements for clients. Our client list includes some of the world’s largest corporations. We specialize in three distinct areas: (1) business advisory leadership support; (2) professional services support; and (3) Statistical Engineering training, projects, and coaching.



New Vehicle Program Management for a Commercial Vehicle Manufacturer

A commercial vehicle manufacturer in an emerging market tasked itself with launching a series of nine new vehicles. Timely execution and flawless, high quality launches were of paramount importance. TPS was requested to provide onsite leadership oversight to ensure all milestones were met. Our focus areas included the development of world class bodies across the fleet of vehicles, improving the quality of the paint and finish across the vehicle portfolio, improving the quality and cost of the vehicle and its supplied components and ensuring all vehicles met all quality and reliability "best in class" targets set for them by the client's leadership team.
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