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Global sourcing and fluctuating demand, highly customized products, newly developed materials, and leaner product inventories make today's manufacturing challenges more variable and volatile than ever before. In this fast-paced, multifaceted environment, major operational disruptions can occur without a moment's notice. Fortunately, Technical Problem Solutions has the expertise to resolve operational issues that have the potential to disrupt your customer base and production schedules. We also have the experience necessary to implement transformational strategies that will sustain your company’s profitability long into the future.

TPS clients are primarily OEMs and major Tier 1 suppliers across industries with global manufacturing operations. We work with our clients to identify problem areas, either internal to the client or in their supply chain, identify root causes of problems, implement short-term action plans to address the immediate situation and develop long-term strategies to forecast growth and sustainability. Depending on your situation, TPS involvement can be as brief as a few weeks to as long as several months.

TPS's depth of operational, manufacturing, and quality assurance experience allows us to make a rapid impact in any industrial environment. Our operational services include:

  • Manufacturing Engineering and Operations Support
  • Quality Management Leadership
  • Vehicle Launch Leadership
  • Plant Capacity Analysis
  • Production Control and Logistics
  • Process Performance Improvement
  • Interim Management from Executive Office to Shop Floor
  • Crisis Response Teams
  • Manufacturing Transition Leadership
  • Business Decommission Planning and Execution

By engaging TPS, you will avoid expedited shipments, operational inefficiencies, and the excessive overtime charges often associated with an unproductive manufacturing system. TPS is committed to providing our customers unsurpassed client support in achieving their operational objectives while fostering a professional, courteous working relationship.

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