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Bringing new products to the market faster and keeping them there longer requires a mastery of a variety of systems related to product manufacturing requirements, costs, critical issues, and customizability.

Product Development and Supply Chain Management are inextricably linked. Nonetheless, many new products or new product designs are simply handed over to supply chain decision-makers with a vague expectation that the suppliers will "make do" with the plans to the best of their ability. The results of this disconnect can generate delayed launches, increased costs, frequent production interruptions, and dissatisfied customers.

TPS conducts a systematic assessment of your business needs and extends support for new and existing companies. Our assessment methodology includes:

  • A thorough understanding of the limitations of the current processes and systems
  • Prioritizing key business objectives / metrics
  • Building business cases and recommending optimal solutions
  • Assisting the decision-makers with their implementation roadmap

TPS can engage at any point in product or process life cycle to provide management support services. Our methodology and approach, combined with our purchasing, design, process development, and optimization strategies, have proven to be effective in a variety of industries and across an array of products. TPS will help you maintain a leadership position in your highly competitive industry.
Product Lifecycle Management
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