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TPS Statistical Engineering problem solvers are charged with identifying what is causing the variation in the product or process under study. We do that by working with parts or assemblies collected from the extremes of the distribution of interest, and through convergence determine what is driving the difference across the units.

Our mission is to provide clients with results-oriented statistically proven root cause support and then solutions that are verified to be effective at a 95% confidence level.

TPS Advisors can effectively teach Statistical Engineering concepts and methods to clients upon request as they complete the project work.

Our Masters have completed more than 300 projects during their careers as problem solvers. Statistical Engineering projects are often the final step in the problem solving journey a company takes on, Statistical Engineers are called when all other problem solving attempts and methods have failed.

The pictorial shows the relationship between effect (Y Response™) and cause (X Prime™). The goal of Statistical Engineering is to prove that high and low levels of "effect" are driven by different levels of "cause".

The Statistical Engineering method is focused preliminarily on the effect and the best way to define and measure it. Once problems are properly defined, many problems are well on their way to being solved. Differences in the X Prime feature or variable directly correlate to differences in the Y Response.

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