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TPS Consultants possess a proven track record of Statistical Engineering project execution, having worked on a wide range of manufacturing methods and processes involving complex components and products. Knowledge of how things work, and a sense of urgency, are paramount to the TPS model, for our mission is to provide clients results-oriented support with rapid solutions and prolonged benefits. TPS Consultants also demonstrate the ability to effectively teach Statistical Engineering concepts and methods to clients.

TPS Senior Consultants are used in high severity situations. Each Senior Consultant on staff has completed more than 100 projects, many high impact and/or high urgency, and possesses extensive experience in coaching and training, leading teams, and managing the needs of customers.

TPS Consultants have completed projects for more than 300 companies worldwide. Most of these projects have addressed long standing issues; all have improved the bottom-line. A listing of satisfied clients is available upon request.

The pictorial shows the relationship between effect (Y Response™) and cause (X Prime™). The goal of Statistical Engineering is to prove that high and low levels of "effect" are driven by different levels of "cause".

The Statistical Engineering method is focused preliminarily on the effect and the best way to define and measure it. Once problems are properly defined, many problems are well on their way to being solved. Differences in the X Prime feature or variable directly correlate to differences in the Y Response.

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