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Statistical Engineering (SE) is the name we use to characterize our problem solving process. This method starts with the effect, then uses statistically based progressive convergence techniques to identify and prove out the root cause. The TPS problem solving team consists of Master Level Statistical Engineers who have experience at effectively solving complex problems. The TPS portfolio of work includes successfully completed projects involving a large number of divergent companies. We provide program management, communication and technical expertise as needed to get to the root of the problem. These problems may arise anytime in the product life cycle or anywhere within the product value stream and impact:

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The methodology employed is based on non parametric statistics, allowing for the use of small sample sizes without impacting the high confidence intervals clients demand in their structured problem solving efforts. The TPS progressive convergence method will help to reduce the disruptions to plant operations that typical problem solving approaches generate and will save valuable engineering resources and time. TPS will provide an expert problem solver to work side by side with your resources to quickly develop and execute a strategy to converge on the root cause of your technical problem, confirm the root cause with statistical confidence, and apply countermeasures with proposed corrective actions. The statistics and sample sizes used for convergence are based on a 95% confidence interval. Confirmation testing can be performed at confidence levels higher than 95% when required. We will also provide support to leadership to ensure that the problem solving team is working effectively and efficiently. Most Statistical Engineering projects can be completed in less than 10 days and will consume less than 50 parts or final assemblies.

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